with the Desert Fathers

Lenten Men's Retreat

March 4-6th, 2022

Men of God, kick off your Lent this year with our second annual Men's Retreat with the Desert Fathers. This year's theme will be "Conquering Sinful Anger and Desire". Our text will be "Letter to Nicolas the Solitary" by St. Mark the Ascetic, found in volume one of the Philokalia.

According to the spiritual tradition of the Desert Fathers anger and desire are two “natural passions” that are given to every man to help him resist the evil thoughts or passions within and cling to God in love. In other words, these are the tools given to help us cooperate with God’s grace as He seeks to make us into the image of His Son. However, these powerful tools given to us by God can easily be corrupted by sin.


This letter written by St. Mark the Ascetic to his spiritual son Nicolas is a kind of treatise on how to conquer these passions when they become disordered and take hold of the heart so that we can again make right use of them on our path towards holiness. 

The retreat will begin with Vespers at 5:30pm on Friday, March 4th and end with lunch on Sunday, March 6th. Nathan Wigfield will be giving the conferences and our priest for the weekend will be Fr. John Paul Kuzma, OFM Cap. from St. Charles Borromeo Seminary in the diocese of Cleveland, Ohio. 

Registration is $260. This includes overnight accommodations, meals, and retreat talks. Limited space available. 

To register, please fill out the form below. If you have any questions e-mail info@liturgyofthehours.org or call 814-676-1910