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Frequently Asked Questions



Who can come to the St. Thomas More House of Prayer?


The St. Thomas More House of Prayer is a Catholic retreat center, approved by the Diocese of Erie, with the mission of praying and promoting the Liturgy of the Hours. Any individual or group in need of a quiet place to stay and willing to participate in praying the Liturgy of the Hours is most welcome.


What if I’ve never prayed the Liturgy of the Hours before?


Be Not Afraid! If you are unfamiliar with the Liturgy of the Hours, we can help you understand this particular form of liturgical prayer and appreciate why the Church encourages gatherings of the laity, “to fulfill the Church’s office by celebrating part of the Liturgy of the Hours.”

We can also assist you in the mastering the “nuts and bolts” of using the prayerbook which can be a little confusing in the beginning.


What kind of atmosphere can I expect at the St. Thomas More House of Prayer?


It is our desire to maintain a quiet, peaceful atmosphere conducive to prayer, meditation, and contemplation. Additionally, the St. Thomas More House of Prayer is a media-free environment. Ordinarily, we ask you not to bring any type of electronic or print media or entertainment with you. This does not apply to materials or equipment needed for retreats and presentations.


What should I wear on my retreat?


We ask all our guests to dress in a manner appropriate for private and common prayer. Dress will range from casual to more formal and neat, modest dress is encouraged particularly in the chapel. In the winter months, you may like to bring a pair of slippers and a cozy sweater.


Can I bring my children?


Children are always welcome. For their own safety and in order to maintain the proper atmosphere for prayer and study, they must be supervised at all times.


What kind of meal service do you offer?


If your group of 10 or more wants provided meals, they will be served in the dining room. Or, if your group would like to prepare your own meals we have a fully equipped commercial kitchen available for use.


How many people can you accommodate?


There are 14 rooms with various bed arrangements: single, double, triple and family. Each has it’s own bath with a tub or shower and all sheets and towels are included. we have a total of 28 beds, 11 double and 17 single.

There is also a separate apartment for priests on the main floor of the building.
See the photo gallery or email us for more detailed information on room arrangements.


Where should we gather for presentations?


There are a variety of spaces available for your group to gather for presentations and discussions: the dining room and foyer as well as a smaller private conference room and upstairs balcony library. Additionally, the wooded property includes trails and a rosary walk that are open for your use.


What do I need to know about the chapel?


When booking a retreat, please let us know what Liturgical needs you may have so that our Sacristan can help prepare for Holy Mass, Adoration or Confession.
The chapel is only to be used for prayer; Conferences, skits, presentations, and all other retreat activities should be held outside the chapel.


The altar, chairs, etc. should not be rearranged.

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