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Vox Sponsae

a retreat on the Liturgy of the Hours

Join us at the St. Thomas More House of Prayer in Cranberry, Pennsylvania (Diocese of Erie) for an overnight retreat on the Liturgy of the Hours. 

In the General Instructions of the Liturgy of the Hours, it states that the Church's prayer "is the voice of a bride (vox sponsae) addressing her bridegroom... the very prayer that Christ himself, together with his Body addresses to the Father." Thus, every time we pray this prayer we share "in the greatest honor of Christ's Bride."

In this two day retreat participants will not only have the chance to pray the Liturgy of the Hours in common, but will also hear talks on the history and theology of the Liturgy of the Hours and receive practical instructions for praying with the Church. 

We will begin with Evening Prayer on Friday, August 20th at 5:30pm and end with dinner on Saturday, August 21st.

Cost is $120/person. This includes overnight accommodations, meals, and retreat talks. 

For more information or to register please e-mail or call (814) 676-1910. You can also register and pay for the retreat below.




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